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Professional Service

   As a professional services firm, Aginian Accounting Corp. has a special affinity for the needs of our professional services clients.  We are particularly proud of the diverse range of professionals and partnerships we regularly work with and the long-held trust our colleagues place in our firm.  Professionals and firms we are engaged by include:

  • Lawyers and Law Firms

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Dentists

  • Doctors and Doctors Groups


   Our services include tax preparation and compliance as well as tax planning and strategies for wealth management.  We offer a wide range of accounting support for routine functions as well as special projects, including reviews of internal controls and operations.


  In addition, our partners offer advisory services to help manage partnership issues.  These may include planning for firm growth and partnership succession, mitigating the risks of dissolution, as well as establishing and maintaining partner compensation systems.  The overriding goal is to create the financial infrastructure, and financial peace of mind, to maximize business efficiency and minimize risks and disruptions.  This allows clients to devote their attention to serving their own clients and furthering their professional achievements.

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