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Natural Resources

   Aginian Accounting Corp. has a list of clients that are involved and focused on mining and exploration of oil, gas, minerals and other natural resources.  We provide tax preparation, accounting, consulting and strategic business planning services. 


   Additionally, Aginian Accounting offers assurance services at every level clients may need, including financial statement audits, reviews and compilations, and audits conforming.


   Assisting clients with reporting requirements to government agencies is a major area of our services.  We manage issues and financial reporting obligations related to the Bureau of Land Management and other governmental entities.  Our clients’ operations are located across the country, with a significant number of clients conducting business in the resource-rich West and Mid-West.


   In our engagements with natural resources clients, valuation issues often arise and we understand the intricacies related to business valuations of minerals and other natural resources. Aginian Accounting Corp. regularly deals with the sector’s volatile business environment, including such areas as lease arrangements and royalty payments.  We combine a flexible approach, backed by decades of experience, to provide regulatory-compliant guidance and forward-thinking business strategies.

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