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Apparel & Textile


   With the many requirements California franchisers must adhere to, Aginian Accounting specialists understand the nuances of tax structuring, financial statement audits and royalty auditing for franchisors. Our clients —franchisors in food service and other sectors— seek out our specialists to provide them with tailored franchise audit, tax and consulting support.


   We assist our clients in building a strong relationship with franchisees and educating them about the importance of transparency in the field. We help our clients add value to their bottom line by assisting them in obtaining financing, adhering to their reporting requirements and minimizing taxes.


Our services include:

  • Auditing and accounting

  • Business and personal tax planning and compliance

  • Royalty audits

  • Internal control consultation

  • Fraud prevention and detection

  • Financial reporting and benchmarking

  • Advisory consulting services

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