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Business Services & Bookkeeping

   Our business services and bookkeeping department provides the financial structure needed by many individuals and businesses to maintain proper financial records. Our staff has experience with hundreds of clients and are professionals who understand the day-to-day bookkeeping and finance needs of almost any industry.


   Our business services and bookkeeping clients range from individuals, to closely held businesses, to small to mid-sized companies without a finance department, such as professional corporations, retail establishments and restaurants.


   Our streamlined service has earned GS an excellent reputation with our clients and is a clear differentiator to other firms. Our business services scope spans many different services:



  • Handle day-to-day accounting and treasury functions

  • File applications for federal and state ID's

  • Manage banking contact & wire transfers

  • Process and file monthly, quarterly and/or annual sales tax returns - California and multi-state

  • Process and file quarterly and/or annual payroll tax returns - California and multi-state

  • Personal bill paying and check writing

  • Compilations of financial statements - cash and accrual (in accordance with GAAP)

  • Reconciliation of investment statements


  • Handle confidential and internal information beyond scope of bookkeeping staff

  • Closeout monthly/yearly journals

  • Secondary review of bookkeeping entries

  • Payroll processing & reporting services

  • Provide monthly bank reconciliation statements for management

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Preparation of financial statements


  • Accounting and bookkeeping technical troubleshooting

  • Accounting and bookkeeping function assessment and creation

  • Interim bookkeeping

  • Establish bookkeeping role and assist with interviews and training

  • Provide technical support once function has been established


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