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Apparel & Textile

Apparel & Textile

   The apparel and textile industries are drivers of the Southern California economy and Aginian Accounting Corp. is a longtime advisor to owner-operator led, private companies fueling the fashion industry.


Apparel industry clients include:


  • Manufacturers

  • Wholesalers

  • Distributors

  • Footwear Manufacturers

  • Clothing Designers

  • Textiles Makers

  • Retailers


   Success in the apparel industry often requires the ability to pivot and adjust in a volatile market.  Aginian Accounting Corp. offers full-service statement audits, tax and business consulting cover nearly every stage and business need of our clients.


   As trusted advisors, Aginian Accounting has helped apparel clients not only weather the many regulatory and industry transformations, but we also guide clients in anticipating changes and position them to gain competitive advantages.  We regularly manage such concerns as vendor relationships, inventory and supply chain issues, accounting systems and procedures, facility locations, projections, growth strategies and opportunities for divestitures and acquisitions.

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